Our Mandate & Functions

Mandate of the Authority

  • To co-ordinate various sand management activities within the County and promote integration of sand related environmental considerations into development policies, plans, programs and projects.
  • To establish and review sand conservation and utilization guidelines and provide technical support to Sub-County, Ward and Water Resource Users Association Committees to ensure sand harvesting activities conform with the provisions of the Makueni County Sand Act and Regulations.
  • To undertake and co-ordinate research, studies and surveys in the field of sand conservation and utilization.
  • To ensure that before sand utilization activities are commenced relevant National and County government legislations are put into consideration. 
  • Ensure rehabilitation of the sand harvesting sites and any other degradation associated with harvesting and transportation of sand within the County.
  • To facilitate licensing and registration of all persons engaging in sand harvesting activities.

Our Sand, Our Livelihood